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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm really glad I never let ANY of my family members see this. If I let my sister see this post, she'd slaughter me.

For any of this to make sense, we need to go back in time about 11 years. My youngest sister was born and it turned out she had quite a handful of problems. One of her kidneys wasn't working, the other was underdeveloped. Her bladder had strange sacks in it, which caused issues with her peeing and pooping (I promise you, as much as you hate diaper changing, it's much better than having a baby who almost never uses her diapers) and then her uterus was also wrong. Back then, when she was an infant, the kidney and bladder issues were much more a priority than her uterus. She had tons of minor surgeries, and three majors (two bladder re-constructions, and the removal of her left kidney) The doctors said that as long as her uterus was fixed before she started to go through puberty, that things would be fine. If it wasn't fixed, she would never get her period, and therefore, never be capable of pregnancy and "motherhood" in the genetic sense. Even then, the surgery was no guarantee that she'd ever be able to carry a child to term

She didn't learn this herself until she was 8 years old. The doctor mentioned it at her yearly check up. My mom couldn't afford the surgery. Lauren was devastated. We had a long talk with her about adoption (yes. we had a serious conversation about how my 8 year old sister could adopt a child. It was rather strange) and although she decided that she would probably do that some day, she still felt that it wasn't fair. I didn't think it was fair either. Adoption is a GREAT thing, but it isn't fair that it's her only option if she wants to be a mother. I like options.

 We couldn't afford to give her the surgery She started puberty. We still couldn't afford it. We were running out of time. In true Boatkicker fashion, I was panicking.

But it didn't matter. Two weeks ago MY SISTER GOT HER PERIOD!!!! (see? that's why she'd kill me. She didn't even want to tell my mom, never mind the entire internet. haha)

I didn't realize until today what that really meant. So lets all cross our fingers that someday, if she wants to, she will be able to get pregnant. (and lets also hope that day is in a very long time, since she's only 11 right now. haha)


myblip said...

I'd wondered a few times if your family knew about your blog or not, now I know. :)
That's great news about your sister!

July 25, 2010 at 8:52 PM
E Boat said...

They know I have one. They don't and probably wont have the links. Mostly, I just don't want my mother to see it. She's likely to kick me out. She doesn't like admitting her mistakes and certainly wouldn't like me to be admitting them to the ENTIRE (well potentially anyways) world. Everyone else, though it might be a bit awkward, would be allowed to read if they asked for it.

July 26, 2010 at 3:56 PM

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