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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Today and yesterday, I woke up at 5, was at work at 6, got off work at 10, came home, and spent the afternoon melting outside. I was running a yard sale for my mother. According to weather.com the high yesterday in my zip code was 88. Today was even worse (although I think it was also more humid today, so that might be a contributing factor). I don't like being hot. I get very sick very quickly, no matter how much water I drink.

Before I agreed to sit out there roasting all day, my mother told me that if we made less than $100, I could keep all of it. She wasn't interested in making money. She just wanted to get rid of all this old stuff that we wont use, but other people might. We made $57, total, about $10 of which was made by selling things that Jeffrey and I had bought ourselves but no longer wanted. Then my mom told my sister she could have $25, leaving me with $32. Fine. Then my mom told me that I had to buy cheese and potato chips, and she told me that she would be pissed if it took more than 5 minutes for me to get to the store and back. There is only one store close close enough for me to get there and back in that time. I got there, cheese was $5, and chips were $4. Over priced, but I was in a rush. Okay. I still had $21. I was a little annoyed, but I was still okay. $21 is still a little more than I had two days ago. Every penny counts.

About half an hour after I got back from the store, she calls me down again. "You didn't buy milk when you were out, did you?"
"No, but what's it matter. I can just drink my coffee black in the morning."
"I'm going to be really pissed," she said, "if my fridge doesn't have milk in it tonight."
"Why? I'm the only one who even drinks it."
"I want some."
"So that means I have to go up to the store?" I was trying my best to weasle my way out of it. I should have known it wouldn't work.
"Either go to the store, or I'm going to be angry."
"Alright." I said. I paused, hoping that she would offer me some money, but after a moment things got awkward, and I went to go get some of the yard sale money. Milk here, at any store, is around $3.50 give or take a quarter. Just before I left I went back downstairs. No way was I going to the store AGAIN.

"Before I go, I need to know if there's anything else you want. I don't want to make another trip to the store." I said. Her eyebrows rose up, the way they do when she's getting pissed. "Anything you need before I go?" I asked again, this time in a little sweeter tone.
"Yeah, actually. Can you get me two packs of cigarettes."
"Sure," I said, although I wasn't happy about what she wanted. I am rather proud to say I have never bought a pack of cigarettes in my life. "Can I have some money?" I asked. Her eyes grew wide and her jaw tightened. Quickly I corrected myself. "I mean, i dont mind buying food and stuff, but like, cigarettes I just.... I don't want to pay for your cigarettes."
"Well never mind then. I don't have any cash and I'm NOT giving my card to you." It wasn't so much what she said that bothered me, but the tone she said it in. The way she said you as if I were some kind of scum. As if I would steal her money or something. I was absolutely FUMING! The cigarettes she smokes are $8 a pack. If I had bought those and the milk I would have been left with a little over a dollar.

So I went and bought milk. She made dinner, but didn't call me down to eat. Eventually Jeffrey and I went down to get food, and even though she spoke to him several times, she ignored every attempt at conversation I made. Silent treatment. Again.

And the kicker to it all? My mom is now asleep, and I just opened the milk.

I'm rather grumpy now.


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