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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm feeling crappy, so I'm going to do my positives on a non-Thursday (my normal "weekly" day) in hopes that it cheers me up.

1) I have a nice new solid mahogany dresser.
2) Jeffrey (who prefers to hang his clothes) has a place to hang up his clothes now, so that they aren't piled on a chair.
3) My toilet is fixed!
4) I'm invited to Sturgis's graduation next weekend, where I will watch one of my best friends graduate. GO ERIC!
5) I correctly predicted the winner of this year's Eurovision contest. She won by a mile.
6) My room is a room now, and no longer a storage unit.
7) I've spent a lot of time with my sister Amanda.
8) Anniversary is Monday.
9) It's the start of "Tourist Season" which means that there will be LOTS of jobs available. I will be applying on Tuesday (since I was too busy last week, and Monday is a holiday)
10) My kitties are happy to see me.


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