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Breaks and Cash and Ipods

Monday, March 8, 2010

I haven’t posted in a few days. That was for a handful of reasons.
For one, I had a head-cold. I wasn’t really thinking well. I wrote an entire post about a little trinket on my desk.
For two, I didn’t really think anyone cared what I wrote here. I’m still not sure people will read this. That’s cool. You aren’t required to.
For three, I wanted to see if I could not-blog. The first few days I had this every moment of my life was like “OMG I should blog about this.” but I knew that wasn’t really how things workd. It was like an addiction. I’ve proven to myself that I can avoid blogging if I want to, so now I’m safe to blog again.

So really, I don’t actually have anything to say. I started to write this morning and then stopped. For someone who thinks “OH BLOG!” all the time, I’m at a loss.... sorta.

So I FINALLY got my financial aid refund that they have owed me since forever. It's a bunch of money but I'm only going to use a bit. Most of it will be saved for the Move this summer.

I’m using a bit of it to get myself a new ipod. Actually, probably an old ipod..... I’m thinking 2nd gen, 8gig?

Because really, what has ipod done thats really great since then?
Bigger screen? I can live without.
That change-song-by-shaking thing? I’d probably keep that turned off anyways.
The new one has a camera. I don’t really need that do I? (Convince me! I don’t want to spend $145 on something I can get for $45..... but a camera on my ipod would be nice.... No!)

So here’s what I need help with. What color do I want? You, the viewers, readers, whatevers, get to pick. NOT green. My old one is green. If they were going to be different generations it would be okay because I’d be able to see the difference, but it’s not. I’d rather not mix them up.

So? What color? I’m thinking red (if I can find one) or else silver..... or maybe blue? Idk. Help


Chelsea, the best friend said...

if you buy red, by it new. Because then part of the money will go to AIDS research. And THATS worth spending the $ for ;) (you'd get your camera then).

March 9, 2010 at 3:50 PM
E Boat said...

woah I didn't realize you actually read my blog. That's true. But on the other hand, I could donate more money to AIDS research myself if I didn't buy the iPod....but then I wouldn't have the camera...... you aren't doing a very good job of convincing me :P but that's okay because my bank decided to change their hours and not update the website, so I wont even have the money until saturday because I can't get down to the bank before friday late afternoon.

March 11, 2010 at 9:39 AM

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