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Monday, September 20, 2010

Immediately after my last blog post, I called my sisters. The blog was a dump, so that I could talk to the girl with a clear head. So that I could tell them I love them, without bursting into tears.

For the record, it didn't work. I cried. Lots.

Everything is happening way too fast. I've talked to who-knows-how-many-people in the past few days. In a weird, backass way, it makes me proud of myself. I usually hate talking on the phone. I get really bad phone-anxiety. It makes me sick. But I've been able, for the last few days, to talk to all sorts of people without freaking out.... at least, not freaking out at the thought of a phone call. There's been a lot of freaking out about other things.

It helps, for me to put the story out here. Even if there's no advice, even if I don't get a single comment, it helps for me to just put this out here. It's like the blog takes this burden from me. Lifts it off my shoulders. It's like I make the problem belong to the computer, instead of to me.

But I've lost track of everything. I called my dad, expecting that my mother would have asked him to bail her out. I wanted more details. My dad didn't answer the phone.

I called my sisters, expecting them to be at a friends house. That's what my aunt had said. Turns out, later in the evening, not long before I called, Child and Family services went and brought them to foster care. They were in the same house. I was satisfied, with that part. I hate that they have to be in this position to start with, but I'm glad that they are at least together. That was why they didn't want me to call DCF to begin with. They didn't want to be separated. I actually called DCF to thank them about this.

I called them, and we all cried. Amanda didn't want to talk because she hates to talk and cry at the same time. Lauren didn't want to talk either, but she was the one who answered the phone, so she got stuck with me. I needed to tell her I love her, and that if she needs me, she can always call me. They didn't know any more than I did, about what was going on. I probably told her 6 times that I love her, and to tell Manda that I love her too. Eventually, Lauren had to get off the phone.

Not long after, my dad called. This was still the Arrest Day (from here on out, that's AD) He asked what I knew. I told him that I knew almost nothing. He didn't know either. He had been working off cape, and I was right, my mom asked him to bail her out. One of the first things my dad said to me was "She asked me to bail her out, and I did, but I think I probably shouldn't have. She caught me off guard, and I just reacted."

No, Daddy, you shouldn't have bailed her out, but I don't blame you. I did the same thing over the summer. Granted, it was probably a difference offense, but I didn't know what it was, when I bailed her out. I just did what I did without thinking.

He also told me that when my mother was arrested, she was showing no visible signs of drunkenness, but because my sisters insisted she was drunk, they gave her a breathalyzer. Apparently, they were very concerned by the number that came out. They let my dad bail her out, but said she couldn't leave until the next morning, because she was that drunk. I was unsurprised. My mother doesn't usually get "normal" drunken signs. She doesn't slur her words, she can walk in a straight line, she doesn't seem confused. Her drunken signs are anger, and being weak. She can walk in a straight line, up until the point where she's too weak to stand on her own. This is right before she passes out, at which point, that is her new drunken sign.

Anyways, my father told me that he was going to see what he could do about the girls living with him again. He even said he'd make peace with Tony, if that's what it took. My dad hates Tony almost as much as I do. I was stunned when he said that, but I admire my father so much, for being willing to do that for kids that aren't even his. I admire my father for loving people, and specifically, loving my girls, that much. My dad is my hero. He always has been,  but this, this just re-enforced it.

AD+1 day.
My sister is online, on Facebook. I message her. Hey, how are you, what's up, you feeling any better, I love you. The normal things. The things she'd expect with this situation. From her, I hear that they were told that they're going home on Monday. I was hoping someone lied to her. Hoping that it was a (slightly misguided) attempt at comforting her.

DCF wont release information on my sisters to me. They never have. So today, instead, I called them to make a request. As a sort of test, I asked them to keep my sisters together in the same house. They finally told me that the girls were going home, on Monday. Fuck.

AD+2, Monday, Today.
At a little before 5 O'clock I texted my sisters. I said "Hey, what's going on?" Lauren never responded to my message. Manda sent back a reply "nothn cnt tk bye" Manda's big on shortening words, but that was sparse, even for her. She usually spells out "cant" and "talk" anyways, and that isn't usually how she abbreviates nothing.

I haven't heard anything at all from anyone since. I've made a few phone calls, but nothing. Panicking? You bet!


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