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One Week

Monday, May 17, 2010

Officially, there is one week left. We have to be out by the 25th. Meaning our last day must be the 24th.
Unofficially, we have less than that. We're just waiting on my Dad to come down with his truck and trailer.

This post is a lot about helping me keep track of things.  Feel free to skip it, if you don't feel like reading.

Somehow my dad insists that we don't have that much stuff and I'm scared he wont bring his trailer. He keeps insisting we only have furniture and 3 boxes worth of stuff. I don't know where he got that idea, but we definitely have more than three boxes of stuff. We have 5 boxes of just books. Plus another larger box and a half of miscellaneous stuff. I haven't even started packing the kitchen or bathroom yet. My desk had two very small boxes of stuff. We haven't packed any of the things on the book shelf in the living room yet (movies, spare paper, tools, ankle and hand weights, small electronics). I had to empty the contents of my filing cabinet into boxes, because the drawers aren't removable and the cabinet was unliftably heavy. We have another two cases of paper. Then of course, we have all our clothes and all our linens in the bedroom closet.

Methinks that a bit more than three boxes.

Yes, I have been dying to use "methinks" for a while now.

Today also marks day 7 of when our bathroom ceiling started leaking. It started with just a little drip, barely filled up an old paint tray in 24 hours. Now, we are emptying a 6-quart stock pot three times a day. (and yes, I did just look up the size of my pan. haha) We notified the owners when the leak started, and they told us that it would be a few days and they weren't sure when it'd be fixed. We reminded them today, and they said they thought it had been fixed. Nope. We've been dripping all weekend, and it's now coming down in two spots (however one of the leaks is directly over the toilet so we don't have to worry about putting a pot under that one. It does however, suck to pee because I can't help but get dripped on)

This is posing a problem. For one, its just annoying. More importantly, however, is that the bathroom now smells like mildew. I don't want to go in there. We're keeping the door to it closed. I have to clean in there before we move out. It's really hard to clean a room you don't even want to breathe in. Sucks.
Plus, how am I going to clean the floor if I can't get the floor to stay dry and clean? The water dripping from the ceiling is NOT clean water. It's sort of brownish-rust-colored. The water, even with the pot, splashes. We have towels down on the floor, but its going to be really hard to clean them.

But outside of that, everything is great. Things are getting packed up, the kitchen at least, is alright for cleaning, and the bedrooms. I have a giant cleaning to-do list before we move, which was given to us by the apartment management. A list of what they expect us to do, which is nice because it saves me the trouble of trying to figure out what they want from us. I'm packing up. I still don't know when my dad plans on getting here, but I'm waiting for him to call me back and let me know. Things are good.

Oh, and apparently, you're supposed to wear gloves when you use oven cleaner. I wish I had thought of that, or someone had told me. My fingers sorta sting a bit now, though not as much as they did an hour ago. The can at least, should have some sort of warning. If they have to put "WARNING: CONTAINS NUTS" on a can of peanuts, they ought to put "hey, you should probably wear rubber gloves" on a can of oven cleaner. Yay Harsh Chemicals (I guess I really should have thought of that. Looking back, it seems to be something common-sense-ish.)


Chelsea said...

I wouldn't have thought of it...so no worries. :)

May 18, 2010 at 8:18 PM
E Boat said...

No worries? My FINGERS BURN! it gave me a blister. lol.

May 18, 2010 at 8:32 PM

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