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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Have you ever read or heard some news so horrible that you think it can't be true? So repulsive that you have to clench your jaw to stop from crying or puking? I want to kick things, and throw things.

Honestly, I want to rip this girls face off with my fingernails.
For those of you who don't want to read the full article, I'll sum it up. A 15 year old allowed some men to pay her so that they could have sex with her 7 year old sister. And she watched.

I almost thought it was an unfunny April Fools joke. Distasteful, but also so unbelievable that you just roll your eyes, instead of getting all up in arms.

I didn't recognize the website that the original article I saw was on, so I ran a quick search on google. I still was under the impression that it was a prank. I wanted to hear what people's reactions were. Instead of funny reactions, I found a bunch of news results. It's real. I nearly vomited.

I'm scared on a thousand levels. For one thing, how can someone actually want to have sex with a 7 year old? Pedophiles are the stuff of horror movies. I know that there are weirdos out there who do, and I even know someone who was a victim of something like that. But still, every time I hear something like this, it becomes more real. No matter how real it gets, it doesn't make sense.

But you know, the thing that gets me the most is the sister. Maybe, for me, it's a little easier to swallow it when the bad guys are strangers. The rapists are awful, but at least they aren't supposed to be protecting the little girl. The age difference between the girls is the same as me and Lauren. I would do ANYTHING to protect her. And if I couldn't protect her, I certainly wouldn't ENCOURAGE someone to do bad things to her. I wouldn't accept MONEY from it. How can someone who has been seeing this girl since she was a baby be so callous? How can someone let something bad happen to their baby sister?

It sickens me in ways that I cant even put words to.


E Boat said...

Does being more angry at the sister than the rapists make me a horrible person?

April 1, 2010 at 9:12 PM

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