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I hate "Allyson"

Monday, March 15, 2010

There’s a reason I started this blog, and tonight gives me a perfect opportunity to test out it’s effectiveness. It’s purpose? So that I didn’t have to tell each of my friends about a major event. I don’t like repeating myself. More than that though, I hate burdening them with whatever bad thing happens to me.

WARNING: The following post ends with an abundance of swearing. Just to prepare you.

This morning I called my mom. She didn’t answer the phone. I called her again around one, because I was bored, and my mom is usually up for a chat. She didn’t answer. She finally called me back at about 2:30pm, to tell me the reason she hadn’t been answering. She had been at the hospital with my sister since about 10:00 the night before and had just then left it. That in itself would have been enough stress for one day, but that’s not even it. I wont even get into that mess tonight. So my Mom talked to me an apologized, I talked to my sister for a few seconds, then my mom told me she had to get off the phone to make other phone calls. Them being in the hospital for a billion hours had made a nice long list of people.

Skip forward to 7:45pm. My mom calls me up, sounding a little distraught. I ask her what’s wrong. (M=mom, E=me/Erin)

M: A-a-a-a.....
E: A what?
M: (calm controlled breathing, like when you’re trying not to cry or scream)
E: Would you rather talk about something else?
M: Could you?

So I babble on for about 3 minutes about the latest Reader Digest and about cooking and how my nails needed painting. Safe subjects. And then I run out. I flounder for a while.

E:Uhh.... umm..... My dishes need doing and..... umm.... uh.. I’m.....
M: Allyson [[see bottom of post]] did it again.
E: Did what again?

My mind was reeling with possibilities. This girl had done so many things to harm my family. She is 16 years old. She and I had been friends since we were very small children. Since I was 7 and she was five. She lied and she stole every time she was around. She broke my laptop, and refused to pay me. She made mess, intentionally, and refused to clean them. She insulted various ones of us at different times. She had one kicked me in the chest, and had hit me a few other times. She had called the cops on my mother before many times. She owes me over $2,000 which I’m sure I’ll never see. I gave up on her about a year and a half ago. Stopped speaking to her. In return she decided that my sister was her best friend. A sixteen year old, whose best friend was 11 (and is now 12) That in itself is a bit weird.

M: You know what I’m talking about.
E: No I don’t. What has she done.
M: she called the cops on me.

Flashback September. My mothers car (tiny little thing that it was) had lifted off the ground in a big gust of wind right into a tree. The car had been a standard. My mothers first day with ehr new car, an automatic, was my sisters birthday. After the party my mother drove Allyson home. My mother, intending to shift gears, went to put her foot on the clutch. Of course, in an automatic there si no clutch. Hello brakes! And Allyson called the cops because my mother was apparently driving drunk, even though the only thing she’d eaten for drank since that morning was a movie theatre soda and a soda at lunch, both of which Allyson witnessed. I was pissed. I told my mother (for probably the 20th time) not to let my sisters associate with her. My mother ignored my advice as usual.

E: What happened?
M: Manda and I got into a fight at dinner about using the phone. She can’t be on the phone when we’re eating. I took the phone away, and was going to give it back after dinner. Allyson showed up right in the middle. I wouldn’t let manda get up from the dinner table. Allyson was just getting some stuff she had left here over hte weekend. Manda got mad at me. And then Allyson called the cops because I was slow and angry. I haven’t slept since I woke up yesterday morning. Of course I’m slow. And I’m cranky. I’m tired and cranky. Manda’s talking with the cop right now. She’s still mad at me, Erin. She said she hates me.
E: She’s just angry.
M: But she said she hates me.
E: She doesn’t. She’ll be over it in 20 minutes.
M: But the police man!
E: Manda isn’t going to lie because she’s mad at you.
M: But she said she— Here he comes. I’ll call you back.

And she hung up on me to talk to the officer. In the end, everything is fine.

But I’m still bullshit pissed. She can insult me. That’s fine. She can steal from me. That’s not fine, but it’s tolerable. She can even beat me up, and I wont do a thing. But I swear if she does another thing to me, I will find some sort of retaliation. I don’t know what I can do, legally, But I’m SUPER FUCKING PISSED OFF! At least I know (or hope) my mother has decided to listen to my advice and NOT allow her in the house again.

And you know what? I already know I can’t do shit legally. You know why? Because guess who she learned all this bad behavior from? Daddy dearest, who would probably call the cops on me for harassing a minor, or some other ridiculous charge.

Hate isn't a word I take lightly. But see the title of this post? There are only two people in this world who I can honestly say that about. She is one of them. This has been a long time coming.
Allyson is a fake name. I will not post her real name. I may hate her, and I doubt that I'm the only one, but it's still not right to say that many mean things about a person.


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