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Saturday, April 16, 2011

What? You think I spelled it wrong? Nope. That's exactly how it's spelled, or at least, I find that people are so nuts that even spelling "crazy" seems too normal for them.

I got to work two minutes late at 4:02. I get my drawer counted and set up, and I'm taking my first order. We're about halfway through when a blond woman walks past the line, and SHOVES my customer aside. She throws an open burger at me, but I try to catch it, miss, and it lands on the counter. "I just came through drive-thru and every fucking time I come in here its like this. Why the hell can't you get my order right, bitch?" she doesn't stop talking but I inturrupt her. "I'm sorry, what's wrong with it, and I'll make you a new one."
"Onions! You didn't put enough damn onions on it. I asked for extra onions, and you're ripping me off. I paid for extra onions."

Now, first of all, extra onions are free, so you didn't pay for extras. Second of all, small sandwiches come with two rings of onion. I'm looking at at least 6. I didn't say that though. Instead I said "alright, extra onions. What sort of sandwich was it?"
"A fucking cheeseburger. I'll have you shut down if you don't make me a new one right now."
"A single or a double cheeseburger?"
"Just a cheeseburger! You know what? I want my money back."
"Alright let me get my manager."
"What are you calling me a liar? I work in law enforcement. I'm a cop. I can get you shut down like THAT!"
"I can't open my drawer without my managers key. If you want your money back, I need to get him."
"Well then tell one of these other idiots to make me my fucking sandwich."

I get my manager, and wait while this is sorted out. Once she finally leaves (oddly enough, without her money OR her sandwich.) I finish taking the order I had stated already. "Sorry about that." I said. and he said "What are you sorry for? You weren't the one who shoved me. Crazy people."

The whole night went on like that. She was not the only person to threaten to shut us down. I also had one customer threaten to have me fired because it took too long (about a minute) to get her drinks done (4 sprites and a shake) and I had one threaten to hit me because I wouldn't give her free food/pay for it myself.

The whole night was ridiculous, or rather Krayzee.

Note: there were some good things. One of my regular customers (who I had previously just thought was overweight because I couldn't really see her figure in her clothes. Turns out she was pregnant) came in with her new baby girl. So tiny and beautiful


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Loved the read and thought this was writing at it's best.

Enjoy your week-end.

April 16, 2011 at 5:13 PM

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