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Phone Call

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last night I asked my mom if I could have a day off. I have been working, for work, for her, for my dad, and to move my own things, without a single day off for a month and a half now. I just needed one day where I didn't have to do anything for strenuous than taking out the trash adn wahsing the dishes. She was cool with it, my dad was cool with it, and I wasn't working today.

Today at 5:16, I got a phone call from my mother. She asked me to bring her anxiety medication to the police department. Last night, she let someone borrow her car overnight. They were supposed to return it at 1pm. Several times throughout the afternoon I had gone downstairs, each of which she mentioned that she didnt have her car back. She called them at least twice that I witnessed. Once at around 3:30, and once at about 4:45. The second conversation consisted of her yelling "BRING MY FUCKING CAR HOME!" For those of you  who don't know my mom, it probably wont phase you. For those of you who do, you're probably gaping at the screen. My mother does. not. swear..... EVER. 

Fast forward to the phone call and I figure, she went to the police station to file a report that her car was stolen, and that her anxiety attack was related to the stress of not having her car. For some reason, I couldn't find my shoes, so I went downstairs to borrow my sister's, grabbed my moms medication, and we went to the police station.

The lobby is empty. I look around and don't know where to go, so I stand there for a few moments awkwardly. Eventually an officer comes and asks me what's going on. "Um, I'm looking for my mom. She asked me to bring her anxiety pills here." And then, I used my moms full name. My mothers name is Margaret, but she goes by Peggy. I don't know why I used her full name instead of saying Peggy or Peg, but I startled myself by saying it.

Of course, the officer startled me more. "Oh yes. Did you bring any money?"
"She didn't ask you to bring money?"
"No. What for?"
"She didn't tell you?"
Of course by this point, I'm totally confused. I get this bad feeling in my gut, and don't say a thing.
"She's been arrested." he says. "Why don't I go ask her what she wants from you."
He goes. He comes back and hands me her debit card. "She says she has $260 in her bank account. She can be bailed out for that. She says go get $260. Use her savings account, not her checking. Do you know her PIN number?"
Apparently, when I'm under stress, I focus more on grammar than what people actually mean by their comments. I thought for a moment about the phrase "PIN number" before realizing what he asked.
"Oh, uh, yeah."

So we went to the nearest ATM, got stuck and traffic, and showed back up 45 minutes later. I gave the officer the money and asked what my mother had been arrested for. He told me he wasn't allowed to tell me but that it was minor, and I could come back in about half an hour to get her. I told him to have her call me when she needed a ride. We live less than half a mile from the police station, so I figured the 1minute wait for us to drive down wouldn't be too bad, and it would save me some waiting if things took longer.

Its a good thing I didn't just head down there after half an hour. We didn't get called back for another hour and a half. Meanwhile, my little sister asked to go to a friends house. I told her she could go, but I wasn't sure she was allowed to sleep over. I told her I'd have Mumma call when she got home. I didn't tell my sister where my mom was. I had serious issues with lying to her, but I didn't want to put her in panic mode, if it turns out that she had been arrested for something stupid. I figured, if it was a major problem, I could talk to my sister later.

I finally get a phone call from my mom. And my dad. And my sister, all three calls within 1 minute of each other. My sister called to ask if my mom was home. While I was on the phone with her my dad beeped in. So I got off the call with my sister and talked to my dad. Then my mom beeped in.

We pick her up. I'm in panic mode, and super jealous of the fact that she has pills to help with her anxiety. I thought I was going to puke. Finally I ask her what happened.

Her car insurance was canceled because they couldn't find record of a fine she paid 9 years ago. They thought it was somehow outstanding, and canceled her insurance. At some point, she got her car back, and went to the store to buy milk. Another car, a giant SUV, backed into her, the trailer hitch got caught under her car, and totaled it. Luckily, there was an officer in the parking lot who saw the accident. To collect from the SUV drivers insurance, there needs to be a police report. That was easy enough to file with him right there. Then, as they were filing, he realized my mothers insurance was invalid.

And then they took her to the station, and she called me.

So much for a relaxing day.


rissawrites said...

Her insurance company can't cancel her insurance without sending her a notice first. Most wouldn't cancel for an unpaid ticket either. That doesn't sound right. She should file a complaint with the state dept of insurance.

Sorry about your stressful day.

July 9, 2010 at 12:57 AM
K. Lonopin said...

I took things slow and methodical so as to not overdo it. I certainly didn’t want an anxiety attack today – my biggest fear in the world. Bigger than my fear of death or dad. I felt much better this afternoon mentally than I did at work this morning after taking my medications.

July 9, 2010 at 3:07 AM
myblip said...

I'm so sorry about the incident, but I have to say that I was riveted to the screen and found myself speed reading it so I could find out what she got arrested for! My mind was coming up with all sorts of things. I also expected you to say that she was drunk again - I'm glad to hear (or surmise anyway) that she hasn't fallen off the wagon..

July 9, 2010 at 3:25 PM
E Boat said...

Teri, that's what I thought too, at first. I was panicking. That's why I told my sister she could go to her friends house. If my mom was drunk, I figured the best place for my sister was anywhere else.

Also, today we got the insurance cancellation information in the mail. Apparently, this is the fourth time that they have done this. Same insurance company too. She's switching now to somewhere else.

July 9, 2010 at 9:55 PM

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